10 Reasons I’m Traveling the World

We all have reasons for what we do. When I tell people I want to travel around the world I get mixed reactions. Half the time people are totally happy for me and may even tell me their experiences while the other half they can’t understand why, and want my reasons. As if you need reasons to travel the world, but if you do these are my 10 reasons on why I’m traveling the world.

To Become Less Materialistic

When I see something I like, I want to buy it right away. Window shopping is almost impossible for me since I end up buying something anyway. Right now I have a small room in a little house that’s my own space and I still end up buying little things that take up space I don’t have. Not too long ago I saw the most beautiful giant paintings for sale in a style that I actually like and came too close to buying one. I’m glad I didn’t believe 1) I have no space, like I said and 2) I’m supposed to be saving money and all of those beautiful paintings for $250+! Every travel blogger I’ve read about says once they return home from their around the world trip they realize they don’t need as much things as they used to. I’m hoping I’ll gain that ability too.

To Gain Better Communication Skills

I still remember the day I was told I had weak communication skills. It wasn’t said, it was written down about me. This tore me up more than that person will ever realize. I write fiction too, not just travel blog posts, and I hope to be published one day. I remember thinking how can I be a writer and author if I have weak communication skills? You might not know this about me but I’m also a hairdresser (recently graduated) and you can’t work on people’s hair if you can’t communicate with them on how they want it to come out! Everything in life depends on communication skills. Hopefully being forced to connect with people who don’t fully understand English (and me not understanding their native language) will help with any communication skills I lack.

To Gain Confidence And Finally Break Away From Shyness

Being less shy means I’ll make more friends.

I’m actually an extrovert. If you told this to be people I know they’d be like, no you’re not. I like socializing, and talking to people, meeting new people, and making friends. It’s just that sometimes I get shy and silence fills the air most of the time unless the other person is doing the talking. I’m hoping that being forced to meet new people all the time as a solo traveler I can overcome my shyness and be the extrovert I know I can be.

To Be Able to Stop Fearing the World

Even if I am conquering fears, I still hope this is fake.

The fear of the unknown is actually the biggest fear I have. What’s it like out there? It’s terrifying because I have no idea! I’ve done so much googling, read so many travel blogs, looked through so many books about different countries around the world but few tell me what it’s actually like. Do you know how much I read about Hawaii before I came here and how completely wrong some of those things were? It was an Italian exchange student that taught me the British English word for “eraser” is “rubber.” In America “rubber” is slang for condom. It’s a funny story how I found that one out. Falling short from visiting other countries myself I’ll never know what it’s like to go there.

To Stop Being Such a Picky Eater

I didn’t mind so much when I was growing up but now that I’m on my own it’s becoming more of a nuisance rather than just a quirk. Don’t want to eat that. That looks gross. Moving on. That looks gross. What is that? That looks gross. I don’t know what that is so I’m not going to try it. It’s getting annoying. I’m slowly breaking out of my shell (I have tried spam now and it really isn’t that bad once you get used to the saltiness). I’m hoping going to regions where American foods don’t exist or are hard to find will make me stop being such a picky eater.

To Show Others What It’s Really Like Around the World

Yes, there are actual hula shows in Hawai’i, but you already knew that.

That’s the entire point of this blog. Before moving to Hawai’i I looked up several things to expect before I came here. Things that were mentioned were a slower pace of life, a bit of a language barrier, racism, bugs everywhere, etc. Most of those things were either wrong or exaggerated. Even on Instagram I find travel bloggers being “fake.” One travel blogger showed beautiful Croatia but later explained that it was actually super crowded and really annoying to be there with thousands of other tourists. While not showing that in photographs and being like guys, it’s really crowded here in the summer, be prepared. I’m glad they finally did fess up to their audience but still, it’s rather delayed! I’m here to tell you that Honolulu isn’t a very pretty city in general. It has beautiful buildings, but most of them aren’t pretty looking. If you like architecture you might want to skip over this destination.

To See For Myself What It’s Really Like Around the World

Is this really what the Isle of Sky looks like in Scotland?

Coming in from the previous mention, what is it really like in other countries? What are the people really like? While everyone has different experiences, what will it be like for me? Just the other day I was looking in a forum and one person said they had the worst time in Dubai. Everything seemed fake, really expensive, and lacking culture. Meanwhile someone else said they had the best time, the people were the best they’ve come across, and they loved every minute of it. How can something seem so polarized? Time for me to see what it’s really like there.

To Learn Swedish and Finnish

Ever since I was little and my sister got into the language, I’ve been trying to learn Swedish. We would say a few sentences together but that was it. Later when I went on Duolingo it was disheartening. They made me repeat the same lessons over and over again to make sure they stayed in my brain, sometimes within the same hour those little marks would go down again, meaning I needed to practice more. What I got from that? “Elefanterna är grå.” That means “the elephants are grey.” I had to do that one so many times! I don’t know if you can tell but I have some recent Finnish ancestry but they didn’t teach their descendants the language in order to get them “Americanized.” I’d like to get some of that back at least.

To Learn Actual World History

Want to know what I learned for World History? I’ll give you a brief version. It all started out with the hunter gatherers in Africa. Then we eventually moved to city states such as Mesopotamia (man did we spend a lot of time talking about that). Then we started talking about Ancient Egypt and the pyramids being built around 2500 B.C. We move on to Ancient Greece and their government and mythology. Why I learned so much about how horrible the Greek Gods were I will never know. I then learned very little about the Roman Empire, which was a huge thing and the things they did in the Roman Coliseum were awful. Then we do a huge time jump to 1492 with Christopher Columbus and the Spanish monarchy and how “awesome” he was (he was not awesome). After that I learned more about American history than anything else. Do you know how embarrassing it is to go around not knowing things that everyone else your age already knows?

To See The Beautiful Pictures Travel Sites Show

Cala Gonone, Italy, at least, that’s what the picture says.

I think we’ve all seen those pictures on EarthPics on twitter or through the hundreds of travel bloggers photographs. Is it really like that there? How does someone get there? Does it cost anything? These things are almost never mentioned in those pictures so I’m here to do it for you. I want to go where they show. Don’t you?

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Leanne got the inspiration to travel the world at 12-years-old when her family moved from Washington State to Florida. Although she still had to attend 7th grade she used her time to gain inspiration from travel bloggers. Now, 7 years later, here she is! Today she’s living in Honolulu, Hawaii and preparing herself both physically and mentally to travel the world. Come join her here on Countries To Go!

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