20 Photos To Inspire You to Travel in 2018

Clear blue ocean waters contrasting against white sand beaches and sunset photos to die for. That must be what a travel blog is full of, right? Well, we shouldn’t disappoint right! During 2017 I mostly stayed on O’ahu and spent a little time in Washington D.C. too. This past year I learned how to ride a subway (it’s way more exciting than a bus!), and that taking hula pictures is hard! While I didn’t travel much in 2017, I have plans for 2018 and beyond! Whether you did or didn’t travel this past year, I’m hoping this post will inspire you to travel in the next one. Happy New Year!

inspireWhen coming in for a landing I saw this opportunity in Honolulu International Airport. An “Alaska” plane in front of the iconic Diamond Head and Honolulu skyline. Maybe you’ll get so lucky!

I know zoos tend to be a controversial subject. The National Zoo in Washington D.C. is gigantic! Can you just see how the light hits this lion perfectly! I can’t wait to visit the continent of Africa to see them in the wild.

This has got to be the most famous picture of Washington D.C. viewing ever! (The view, not my photo exactly, I wish!) It can be seen from the Lincoln memorial. Don’t look too closely at the water, it’s gross in real life.

“Let’s pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars…” taken in the Maryland/D.C. area and is probably my favorite photo of 2017.

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The camera focused exactly where I wanted it to (thanks camera!) when I first got it that was a struggle for me for some reason. This waterfall is at the World War II memorial in D.C. with the Lincoln memorial in the background.

The favorite sunset photo (if you’ve looked at this blog for any amount of time you’ve seen it before). Taken from Fort Derussy Beach Park in Honolulu back in February 2017.

The view of Kaneohe, Hawaii behind the Valley of the Temples (that can’t be missed while on O’ahu, it’s only $3 per person!).

A basket made out of coconut tree leaves made by the Polynesians for centuries. They start off green and over time they dry to the brown we all know. You could win one while in the Samoa area of the Polynesian Cultural Center.

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Aerial tours of any of the Hawaiian Islands can’t be missed. O’ahu is relatively flat compared to some of the other islands like Molokai or Kauai, but just look at that ocean! Stay awake when landing because it’s too beautiful to miss.

Sometimes you can find the most underrated places under your nose. The Aloha Tower used to be the place to be before the 1960s in Honolulu before commercial air travel really took over. Now, it’s quite empty. Seeing the city at the top of the tower is still free (parking isn’t, take the bus).

Taking pictures of hula while sitting on the ground in a group of people is very difficult. That doesn’t mean it can’t inspire you to try and do the same!

inspireI guess this is technically graffiti but it’s still so beautiful! You never know where you’ll find gems like this. This was found near Pearl Harbor and is sure to inspire you to take a photo!

I’ve ranted and raved about this picture before. Below is Waimea Bay, and getting to this spot is easy if you have a car! It’s at the Pu’u ‘O Mahuka State Historic Site on the north shore of O’ahu.

Although not the best picture because of crappy city bus windows, you can’t help but have this picture inspire you to see the windward side of O’ahu. We’re seeing Kaneohe in the distance, against the bluest ocean waters and starkest mountains I’ve ever seen.

Some people are so detail oriented that decorate the door hinges of their palace! Seen inside the Iolani Palace, there is much to be seen. The littlest details are sure to inspire you to live in a house as fancy as this, now if only we have the money.

Countries To GoProbably one of the most iconic shots for all of Hawaii, let alone O’ahu and Honolulu. This is Diamond Head, as seen from Magic Island Lagoon.

Beaches with water that look like this do exist. This one is Lanikai Beach, which is an adventure in it of itself to get there and even find parking. No worries though, even though the houses all beaches are public in Hawaii.

Not the greatest photo but it does have a rainbow in it, from the sky! Finally, we know what somewhere over the rainbow looks like.

I used to live near Seattle and didn’t find it all that pretty, but seeing it from the air and on an actual sunny day (there are only about 30 of those per year over there) made me rethink that! Those are the Cascade Mountains in the distance.

I have no idea what this says, but I do know it’s in Japanese. Isn’t that half the fun? Learning a language can help inspire you to travel the world!

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Leanne got the inspiration to travel the world at 12-years-old when her family moved from Washington State to Florida. Although she still had to attend 7th grade she used her time to gain inspiration from travel bloggers. Now, 7 years later, here she is! Today she's living in Honolulu, Hawaii and preparing herself both physically and mentally to travel the world. Come join her here on Countries To Go!

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