A Personal Story From My Top 10 Favorite States

Perhaps every year I should look back and see where I’ve been and make a top 10 list. Since this is the first year of my blog I decided to do the first 20 years of my life (how old I am now, by the way). So far I’ve been to 40 out of the 50 states and a small part of Canada. In 2017 I didn’t do too much traveling but as you know 2018 is definitely where it all begins! In no particular order, these states each hold 1 travel story that warms my heart.


For this story my sister went to college in Fort Collins, Colorado and graduated back in 2012. At that time my parents drove out to see her and we spent a few days over there. The mountains looming over the town, and the fact that the train went right through the middle of some streets were all amazing to me. I hope that area stays as pristine as the last time I was there.

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My brother went to college in Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated back in 2014. Before you ask, he’s not Mormon. For his graduation my parents flew out there and I got to see Salt Lake City for the first time. The Great Salt Lake is so large that it’s tidal just like the ocean (although it’s about 8 times saltier than the ocean). Also they still use the mall they built back in 2000 for the Olympics.


I’ve lived in Maine before in this story, for about 10 years (not consequently, the military is weird). One of my favorite trips is when my dad and I went to Acadia National Park. Surprisingly Maine is a larger state than you’d expect and it takes a while to drive places. Even though the small town I lived in is 110 miles away from the park, it took over 3 hours to drive to it. We drove up Cadillac Mountain and rode in the back of a horse drawn wagon up Day Mountain. Did you know the Rockefellers pretty much own that park?


StoryWhen I was growing up whenever my parents went through New England we’d always go around Boston. Even though I had lived in Maine many years before this, the first time I even saw the city with my own eyes was when I was 15-years-old. I went several times after that to Quincy Market and Boston Commons. I’d love to go back and spend several days there (rather than just a day trip).


This story is a bit short. I only spent a layover in the Detroit airport when I flew to Salt Lake City for my 18th birthday. Something that fascinated me was that all of the signs were translated into a different language. I asked my sister-in-law and she confirmed that it was traditional Chinese. It’s said that Chinese businessmen are buying buildings in Detroit, so I guess the airport is making it easier for them to travel.


Truthfully I’ve been to Texas a few times. Once in 2010 and once again in 2015. My family revisited San Antonio in 2015 and actually spent a few days there. The downtown area is nice and the Alamo is a great building to see too. That river board walk is worth it’s price in tickets. The funny thing is, every time I’ve been to Texas it’s down poured heavily, some desert!

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New York

I’ve been to New York state many times over the years (rarely New York City, my parents avoided it at all costs before I moved out, now they go through it on a semi-regular basis). My favorite story and experience was seeing Niagara Falls. Of course we went to the Canadian side too. I was 7 and we went into a ferry. In the water I noticed some clothing and my brother told me that’s what happened when little kids lean too far over the edge of the boat. You better believe that stopped me!

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My family stopped at Yellowstone National Park (naturally, right?). At Old Faithful I remember taking my cat out to see it too, just for fun, (she totally hated every second of it, lets be real, but what’s a 7 year old to do?). People were surprised to see a cat there on a leash. Unfortunately we had just missed it and my mom wasn’t going to wait around another 90 minutes to see the next one.


We spent a whole week in California, seeing the Red Wood Forest, a black sand beach, and a tree big enough we could drive though. Surprisingly there is a Paul Bunyan and Babe statue somewhere along the Pacific Coast highway too. That took us all by surprise. We also found a town that has the same name as my family, so that was awesome to stop at.

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Washington State

I lived in Washington State for several years, but back then I didn’t really appreciate it. On the western side of the Cascades it really is rainy and cloudy on a regular basis. In this story I was there for a long layover in October 2017 I actually saw it while it was sunny. I got a great view of Mount Rainier and saw how beautiful Seattle was from the air. It almost made me miss living there.

What’s your favorite personal travel story?

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