About Me

Hello, my name is Leanne and I’m an American travel blogger. My story isn’t like most. I didn’t go to college for four years only to discover I didn’t want an office job. I discovered the world of traveling when I was 12. In 2010 my family moved from Washington State to Florida and we made it one epic road trip. I saw so many sights I didn’t even know existed; the Alamo, trees so thick we could drive through them, Tombstone, Arizona, etc. Once the trip was over I thought that if I didn’t know so much about my own country, what didn’t I know about the world?

Hanauma Bay, Hawai’i

It turned out to be a lot. At the time I still needed to attend 7th grade, so traveling the world wasn’t really on my agenda back then. Although a year later, soon after I turned 14 I found the travel blog etramping.com. Agness’s “Travelers vs. Non-Travelers; Will We Ever Understand Each Other?” was the first post I ever read. This woman was living in China and wrote about Southeast Asia. As an American, it sounded insane. The media tells us that part of the world is the 3rd world. There are rapists on ever corner and everyone will try to rip you off over there (okay that last part might actually be true for Southeast Asia, at least that’s what I’ve heard). But here was Agness choosing to live over there. From there I learned about the words “backpacker” and “travel blogger” and knew I would be doing that in the future.


During sunset at Magic Island Lagoon, Honolulu, Hawai’i

Now my time has come. I’m finally at adult (it sure did take long enough!) so I can make my own decisions on where to go, what to spend my money on, and how long I’ll spend at each location. Join me on my slow journey around the world. Who knows, maybe I’ll inspire your next vacation.

About Countries To Go

There are so many travel blogs out there. They are also quite similar to each other and super vague. Do you know how many “ultimate guides” I’ve read where I could have picked up more information on Wikipedia? Too many! I’m here to show you the specifics; bus numbers to take, bus stops to stop at, which hostels and hotels to stay in, good and bad neighborhoods of a city, the best countries to go (haha, get it?), etc.

Everyone always talks about going down the unbeaten path but almost no one does it! Also, those blog posts that do talk about places where no one has gone before don’t make very many hits. Why? Because no one has gone there before! It’s like a catch-22 situation. I’m here to do both.

I’m going to Paris, New York City, and Tokyo but I’m also going to the Marshall Islands, Ikaria, and Sophia. You might have to google a couple of those locations, right? That’s the point! Come along and I’ll show you the cities you love and hate and dozens of places you’ve never heard of.

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