What to Expect When Landing On Oahu

Which side of the plane is the best side to sit on? What kind of view do you get from the air? What’s the airport like? These are all questions I have before moving to Oahu but at the time I couldn’t find the information I needed. No one seemed to know, or at least, not give the information they had found out. So this is a quick quide of the things I noticed when coming here myself, and just from living here for over a year now, so you know what to expect when landing on Oahu.

Coming in For a Landing

If there is no wind and it’s humid out it looks like this! Seriously, do you know how much I edited this! It still looks terrible.

Most planes come in from the north. Even if they come from country like Asia, they still tend to circle the island and come down from the east side. They tend to either be right over the city, or over the ocean on the south side. Sitting on the right side of the plane in a window seat can’t be said enough! On the left side however you might also catch a glimpse of Molokai, or even Maui and Lanai in the distance, and lots of ocean. Lets hope it’s a clear day and isn’t humid when you come. Due to windiness the landing itself is going to bumpy. You want the wind though, it take away the humidity!

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The View — What Oahu Looks Like

landingYou’re probably used to seeing cliffs and mountains rising right out of the sea. Oahu doesn’t really look like that though. The island is much flatter than the others, only in the middle or around some edges will you see mountains. The water on the other hand will still look amazingly beautiful, even is the island edge seems flat. The islands themselves can be quite cloudy, so hopefully you get good views even with that. No matter what side of the plane you’re on you’ll get some awesome views while landing.

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The Airport

It’s outdoors and there is no air conditioning. This wasn’t something I expected but apparently some airports are like this in Asia, you can let me know if that’s true or not. As soon as you land, you’ll go through a tunnel to the seating area. Then you’ll eventually have to go outside and you’ll pass a Chinese garden. If you have time, why not enjoy it?

It’s a big airport, and has many areas to get checked bags from. It doesn’t just go A-G, it A1-5, B1-5, and can get complicated. Each airline as it’s own section. If you get lost and leave from a different entrance you could end up on the other side of the airport from where you need to be when leaving. I suggest following the signs very closely!

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Getting to Your Hotel


I made it somewhere over the rainbow…

I’m going to take a guess you’re probably in Waikiki Beach. There are places to take a taxi. That’ll cost from $20-$40 depending on traffic. The buses go there as well. When you’re at the airport, go up a floor and on the road you’ll find a bus stop and buses 19 and 20 go to Waikiki Beach. Even if you’re going on the north shore to Turtle Bay Resort, take the 19 or 20 to Nimitz, under the highway, cross the street, and take the 52 to Haleiwa. Then the 55 will take you to the resort. For the west side, take the 40 or 42 instead of the 52.

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