How Expensive is Hawai’i? Honolulu Edition [Picture Proof]

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawai’i

It has been said repeatedly and I don’t think you need to read it again. You get it, you’ve been told Hawai’i is expensive. Instead of explaining to you how it is and isn’t, I’ll give you a June 2017 guide on what the actual prices of different items are in several different stores around the city Honolulu. Remember, these do change over time but this should give you a general idea. I plan on going to other stores around the island as well eventually giving you an O’ahu guide. The items I’ll be looking at are eggs, milk, bread, random snack item (Cheese-Its for example), and gas prices at three different locations.

Walmart at Fort Street Mall in Downtown, Honolulu

In case you’re wondering how to get there by buses, from the west side or “Eva side” as they call it here (the airport), 19, 20, 40, and 42 (and probably several others I’m forgetting) go down King Street and stop King and Bethel is the one you want. The 1, 2, 3, 9, 11, 13, 52, 62, and probably several others go down Hotel Street and the stop you want is Hotel and Bishop. From the east side or “Diamond Head side” (Waikiki and Ala Moana) the E, 1, 2, 3, and 9 come up Hotel Street and again the stop you want is Hotel and Bishop. The 19, 20, 40, 42, 50, 62, etc. all mostly come up Beretania Street and the stop you want is Beretania and Bishop.

Now to the bread section:

Just like with the rest of the US there are dozens of choices to choose from (this is only a third of the aisle after all). So we don’t go crazy let’s focus on three different brands.

Regular White Bread:

$2.68 per loaf as you can see here. This is the regular store-name-brand, nothing fancy.

Branded White Bread:

$3.88 per loaf. The no-name-brand might not taste as good sometimes but you can see why so many people buy it! This is a whole dollar more and then some.

Whole Oats Bread:

This is the fancy whole oats bread that’s supposed to be the best for you that bread can get. $4.68 a loaf. That’s 2 whole dollars more than the no-name-brand white bread in the first shot.

Onto the eggs:

$4.48 for 18 large eggs. There were a lot of people in the aisle even after I waited several minutes for them to scatter so sorry for the not-so-great photo. The dozen eggs were about half this price right next to it.


$4.68 for a whole gallon. The half gallons were $2.80. All of the gallons of milk were the same price whether they were whole milk, 2%, or fat-free. Again, sorry for the crappy shot there were so many people in the aisle!

For a snack food:

$3.68 for a large tub of whole grain gold-fish, for the normal cheddar ones, $3.28, and it looks like for the smaller bag of pizza flavored gold-fish is also $3.68.

Foodland Farms at Ala Moana Shopping Center in Ala Moana, Honolulu

It’s like the Whole Foods of Hawai’i. Has lots of organic options if that’s what you’re into. It also offers a “Maikai” discount” which you can get with your phone number at the register. This place is close to Waikiki, it’s right in the Ala Moana Shopping Center which makes it easy to get to. If you’re lazy like the rest of us buses 2, 8, 42 and a bunch of others go there from Waikiki. From downtown buses 2, 19, 20, 40, 42, 52 and a bunch of others stop at the Ala Moana Shopping Center also. You’ll want any stop that announces that, as they’re all different depending on the bus.

To the bread section:

There aren’t quite as many choices as Walmart. This is about a third of the aisle because in Foodland Farms they’re closer together so I couldn’t get as wide of a shot.

Regular White Bread:

$3.99 a loaf, but $3.29 with the Maikai discount. A bit more than Walmart again but not too bad, especially since it’s near Waikiki.

Branded White Bread:

$6.49 a loaf! The price went up. Although with the discount its $3.99 a loaf. Much better.

Whole Oats:

$6.59 a loaf, and $4.99 with a discount.

As for eggs:

Hawaiian Maid is $8.99 for 18 eggs, but the NestFresh is $8.29 for the same amount. A dozen eggs aren’t much cheaper, $5.69 for 12 or $5.19 with the discount. It looks like prices have doubled simply for being closer to Waikiki.


$8.79 for a whole gallon, it doesn’t matter if its whole milk, 2%, or fat-free. $5.49 for the Maikai discount, which is really starting to look good.


Original, reduced fat, and letter addition Cheez-its are all the same, $4.29 for a box. It doesn’t look like there is a Maikai discount on this one either.

Safeway at Piikoi and Beretania in Kaka’ako, Honolulu

Safeway is on the corner of Piikoi Street and Beretania avenue in Kaka’ako. From Waikiki bus 2 stops there and from Downtown buses 1 and 2 go down King Street. Just a short walk up Piikoi and you’re there. From Hawaii Kai you can take the number 1 bus. Safeway is also a pharmacy and they have their own club discount kind of like Foodland Farms. This time you get a card to carry around with you.

In the bread section:

They have three aisles dedicated to it! That’s not including the bakery section either. I don’t think I’ve seen so much bread in my life to be honest. If you like bread this might be the place to go.

Regular White Bread:

$4.49 a loaf without the discount, $3.99 with it. We’re starting off in the high-end already it looks like (remember Walmart where it was half that price?)

Brand Name White Bread:

Two whole dollars more at $6.49 for everyone.

Whole Oat/Grains:

$6.99 a loaf, but $4.69 with the discount.

Onto the eggs:

Cage free eggs are $6.99 for 18 eggs and $5.99 with the discount. For Mainland eggs it’s $5.69 for 18 eggs, only $3.69 with the discount.

Onto the milk:

$5.49 for all gallons, or $4.99 with the Safeway discount.

Random snack:

Cheetos! $4.59 or $3.00 with the discount. For the record, on the bag it said the ounces for 9 and 1/4 so that puts that in perspective.

Three different grocery stores all within Honolulu that give a variety of prices. These are three different gas stations as well.

Gas Prices:


$2.94 per gallon for regular, $3.31 for v-power, and $4.19 for diesel. That might be why you don’t see many diesel trucks in the area!


$3.04 for regular (which I’d like to add the day after I took this picture it went down to $2.94 so you never know!) and $4.29 for diesel.


$2.94 for regular and $4.09 for diesel.

There you have it, a photo guide to actual prices in Honolulu as of June 2017. In case you were wondering, I did feel like a weirdo taking pictures with my DSLR in the middle of these stores. I did buy things in each place so I don’t think they really cared. Where should I go next?

Did anything surprise you?

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    • You’d think with so many chickens around here eggs would be cheaper now that I think about it. I guess they just import them instead. How do these prices compare to Europe?

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