My Travel Itinerary: Where Countries To Go is Going

Leanne in Waimanalo Beach Park

Hello and welcome new followers! If you haven’t noticed, right now I seem to only really be posting things about the state of Hawai’i (usually O’ahu or Honolulu specifically). I’m planning on changing all of that very soon! In this post I explain the travel route I plan on taking over the next several years and which countries I’m going to. Who knows long it’ll take?

Originally (like when I first planned this out in middle school) I thought it would only last a year. Once I created a list of countries to go to I put how long I’d spend in each one. I underestimated it thinking I’d add more later once it added up to less than a year. It added up to 400 days even. That wasn’t good. Not only was that more than a year but I had only put a few days in each country I wanted to visit! I quickly ditched the time limit and decided to just go my own pace with this itinerary.

First Stops

Washington D.C. and maybe the northeast coast

I have a family member that lives near there so while I’m visiting there I plan on seeing the city. I’ve been there once before but only for a day back in 8th grade. I’d love to see more of it. I’ll be back in Honolulu before I know it though. It’s only a temporary visit. I also have family further up the east coast so I’m thinking I’ll see a little more of that too.

Marshall Islands, specifically Kwajalein and maybe Majuro

My dad “accidentally” visited this little nation thousands of miles from anything in the South Pacific several years ago. He had so many awesome stories from there I know I have to see it for myself. Very few flights go over there but thankfully I have a military ID, meaning I can take a MAC flight through space available and just go whenever they have room. Unfortunatly the public (me) only gets to find out when this is happening 3 days in advance so this is a tricky place to travel to! Unless I want to spend 2 grand on going there and back again (no thanks!)

Kauai, and then Niihau

Kauai is one of the smaller islands of Hawai’i and is toward the end of the chain. It’s nickname is the “garden island” because it’s so green (from what I’ve heard anyway). It’s much more rural than Oahu and only you can only access 20% of the island by car. Helicopter or plane tour is definetly going to happen! Niihau is nicknamed the “forbidden island” and technically only people of Hawaiian decent that live on the island are really allowed to go there. Through this site someone can take a day trip there from Kauai and see a beach. I’d say it’s worth it. Also, there are boat tours around the island.

Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Hawai’i

The rest of the islands of Hawai’i will follow and the exact order isn’t really known to me at this time. Most likely Maui first and Hawai’i (the big island) last. I’m told each island has a completely different culture and slightly different slang. I’ll have to go there to find out.

Next Stops

Mainland USA and Canada, including Alaska

Once I’m back on the mainland I plan on buying a used car. At the moment I’m thinking some kind of Jeep (probably not a Wrangler, maybe a Patriot or Cherroke). It’s big enough and usually has the ability to put the seats down in the back which is perfect for camping out but it’s not too tall for the parking garages in the cities I plan on visiting. The newer ones also tend to get pretty decent gas mileage for a vehical it’s size, plus I’ll have a 4×4 so if I need to go over rough terrain it won’t be a problem. It’s a win/win all around!

The itinerary I have planned for the US and Canada is quite planned out. Although the map above doesn’t let me get into too much detail (you can only put in 10 destinations on Google Maps and it’ll only let you alter the route a few times) this is the general idea I have. There shouldn’t be too many readjustments along the way. I have a good idea what I want to see and what I don’t. Several of these states I’ve been to before so I know what to expect when visiting them. During this trip I plan marking off visiting all 50 states. I’ve been to Canada before but only a small part of it. I’ve heard it’s a very beautiful country so I can’t wait to see more.

Mexico, Central, and South America

This is where plans start to get more muddy. I plan on selling the Jeep somewhere in southern California, probably San Diego. Driving through Mexico, Central, and South America doesn’t sound like a good time for me. Also, did you know the road stops in Panama? There isn’t actually a road connecting North and South America together. I didn’t know about this until I tried planning a route through there. All roads stop in TOWN, Panama. From there (or more likely, before I ever reach there) I’ll have to fly to somewhere in South America, so shipping a car there sounds like even less fun. Public transportation from there on out.

The maps above are a rough idea on how I want to get through each country. To be honest, I’m not sure how safe those countries are. I know in the news we only hear about the bad things that happen. I know Venezuela is having a tough time right now. There are probably places I won’t get to see simply because it wouldn’t be safe for me. I only know of a few places to visit in the whole continent, so I’ll have to do my research in time.

Deeper Into Travels

Africa and the Middle East

From either southern Argentina or southern Chile I plan on flying to Cape Town, South Africa to start my journey through the continent. Thanks to The World Pursuit I have a bit of a better idea of what the continent of Africa looks like and what to expect there (Did you know going on a safari costs money? It really isn’t cheap either, especially if you’re a foreigner.). They bought a car and drove throughout the continent. I’ve always planned on using public transportation but I really don’t know how safe that would be. Should I buy a car while I’m there? Would I be able to sell it once I’m done with it? There are too many questions I don’t know the answer to yet.

I’ve always loved reading about Arabia. Unfortunately it’s quite war torn right now, as you’ve probably seen in the news. I’d love to visit so many countries over there but it just doesn’t seem possible right now. Perhaps if it lightens up I could at least see Bahrain, United Arab Emriates, Lebanon, Syria, and Isreal. It’s not looking too good though, I’ll probably have to skip over that one.


I want to zig zap more than this and see more of the continent but google only allows so many alterations.

To be honest, Europe is probably my least looked-forward-to continent I’m going to visit. Why? Americans go there all the time. Every single travel blogger you’ll see has at least been to western Europe. Americans don’t travel the world very often, but when they do they go to Europe (specifically western Europe). Paris, London, and Rome are usually the places that are hit up the most. Sometimes other areas France, England, and Italy are seen. If you get a travel blogger that’s been to Germany, Greece, and the rest of the UK it’s more rare. You’ll almost never see them hit up Spain, Portugal, eastern Europe or northern Europe. What I do look forward to is seeing the places my ancestors came from. Aquitain, Azores, Cardiff, Cork, Helsinki, Gothenburg, and so many others.


Central Asia

Southern Asia

This gets even more murky since it’s so far in the future. These maps aren’t really complete because roads don’t seem to enter China from the surrounding countries and google maps can’t seem to get a good view of it. I do plan on seeing Korea, China, and Japan as well.

From eastern Europe I plan on going through western and central Asia (a part of the world it seems like zero travel bloggers have been to) eventually getting to eastern Asia and down to southeast Asia and over to India. This is the least-informed continent that I know about to be honest. It seems travel bloggers have only been going there recently (within the last 10 years). I’ve heard so many different things about Asia, even from Asian people themselves! Honestly I’m not sure what to expect.

Final Destinations


Australia will be my first hit, that’s for sure. For now I don’t know how I’ll get around the country. It seems like having your own car is best, at least, what I know for now. Even in New Zealand so many travel bloggers talk about buying camper vans and driving around that country too. Seeing several Pacific Islands sounds great. I’d rather see the ones a lot of people haven’t been to, like Vanuatu, Palau, or Tongo. We’ll have to see once I get there.


That is my plan for going around the world. As you can see, the further from the preset we get I don’t know the complete itinerary. This easily could change. Maybe tensions in the middle east will simmer down within the next few years and visiting there will actually be possible and safe for me. After reading about The World Pursuit’s journey through Africa it’s really made me wonder if buying a car there will be better than taking public transportation. Is central and western Asia safe? How come no travel bloggers go there? What’s it like? I’ll have to find out and see now, won’t I.

Where are you in the world?

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Leanne got the inspiration to travel the world at 12-years-old when her family moved from Washington State to Florida. Although she still had to attend 7th grade she used her time to gain inspiration from travel bloggers. Now, 7 years later, here she is! Today she's living in Honolulu, Hawaii and preparing herself both physically and mentally to travel the world. Come join her here on Countries To Go!

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  1. This looks like such an amazing journey. I would definitely recommend buying a car to explore Australia, specifically something 4X4. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    • I’ll think about the 4×4, it definitely depends if I like it while driving around the US and Canada. It’s going to take a while so I hope you’re strapped in and ready to follow along!

  2. Leanne, these trips sound epic! I look forward to following you on your journey. I’m Corvallis, Oregon, but love Hawaii and miss it especially during the rainy season in Oregon. I spent 5 years there and never got tired of it, or had island fever. You seem like the type of person who will enjoy living, where ever she lands. I look forward to following your adventure.

    • Nice to meet you! Everyone warned my about rock fever when I first got here but I really haven’t gotten it. I’ve met quite a view people like you who said they lived here for a while and then left. Soon I’ll be one of those people! I look forward to seeing you in my comments.

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