The Positives and Negatives of Staying in a Place Longer

“Travel slow” they said, “take your time,” they said. Can there be bad things about staying in a place for a longer amount of time rather than just moving onto the next place so soon? Everyone always mentions the good stuff but like everything in life, there are negatives. Should you stay in a place longer like everyone says or move along faster? If you’re unsure, this is the list for you.


You Get to See More

It took several tries to try and get to this beach, and I missed 2 busses on the journey!

Obviously if you stay two weeks you can see more than if you stay two days. It’s simple math. Not only that, but you can also take you time. So you missed a bus, take the next one heading there. So you’re stuck in traffic, at least you’re not late for work like some of these people will be. Since you have more time to see more, instead of just seeing the touristy stuff why not see things off the beaten track?

When Bad Things Happen It’s Okay

staying longerSick? Just see something tomorrow instead. Bad weather? See it when the weather clears up. Since you have more time to move around your schedule. It’s probably the number one reason people choose to try to stay in their destination. When things go wrong, it’s not like you have to miss out on more things to do and see while you’re traveling if you stay longer.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Gatlinburg

You Can Relax

Countries To Go

I sat and enjoyed the scenery for a while after I took this picture.

Relaxing time is important so you don’t end up needing a vacation from your vacation when you’re done! Believe it or not, I think some people spend so much time going from place to place they don’t relax at all. If you’re staying in an area longer you can actually stop and relax without worrying about missing some site or doing an activity.


It’s Easy to Get Lazy

This might just be a problem for me, and others who procrastinate. Since you’re staying in your destination two months, why not wait for tomorrow or next week to go? Then when it’s almost time for you leave you realize you only did half of the things you wanted to. I was just talking to a guy who stayed in Kauai for several weeks and had all of these different hikes and camping trips planned but only did a few while he was here! It’s easy to fall into a pattern.

Higher Cost

You also have to buy groceries for when you’re on a longer vacation. Also, if you run out of things like lotion or break one of your shoes on a hike. Don’t forget paying for things like rental car and accommodation prices. When you stay for longer you have to pay for more days with either of these services. It’s something to consider when you want to stay in a place for longer.

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Leanne got the inspiration to travel the world at 12-years-old when her family moved from Washington State to Florida. Although she still had to attend 7th grade she used her time to gain inspiration from travel bloggers. Now, 7 years later, here she is! Today she's living in Honolulu, Hawaii and preparing herself both physically and mentally to travel the world. Come join her here on Countries To Go!

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