The Ultimate Bucket List for O’ahu

This isn’t a “things to do while on O’ahu” list, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of those.These are the ultimate bucket list worthy experiences to have while you’re on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. Some of these things cost money, while others are completely free. Some are easier to get to than others but that’s part of the adventure! Get your bucket list ready, as these are the top 10 bucket list worthy things to do on O’ahu.

Powered Hangliding

Forget just regular hang gliding, this is powered and needs to be on everyone’s bucket list! From the comfort if an enclosed chair you can see North Shore, Oahu from the air. For either 30, 45, or 60 minutes fly around on the north shore hundreds of feet above the sea. During the experience they let you take the wheel for a while too. You can learn more about how to do that here.

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Helicopter Tour

I’ve mentioned this before, but helicoptering in Hawai’i is the ultimate bucket list experience to have while you’re there. There are several different companies to choose from at all different rates. They tend to start at 100 dollars and go up. Some are as short as going around Waikiki Beach while others go all around the island. Some have the doors on and others the doors off. If you want the best pictures, doors off!


On the windward side on O’ahu you can go up in the air and enjoy the view for a short time needs to go on your bucket list. With an expert you can go over the mountain range and see the Pacific Ocean from the air for the perfect time to take pictures. If you’re driving back this area of the island you can see them in the air all the time.

Horseback Riding

There are quite a few areas on the island to go on a horseback riding tour. The biggest one is on Kualoa Ranch. That’s where they filmed Jurassic Park. Another one is on the North Shore along a beach or through the grasslands of O’ahu. Either way horseback riding can be romantic or fun for families and anyone of any age!


Also on the Kualoa Ranch on O’ahu, it’s home of the zipline at the base of the mountain range. There are weight limits at both ends of the spectrum so make sure to keep that in mind. It’s the longest zipline on the island and in all of Hawaii. Zoom from one end to the other at the grounds where Jurassic Park was filmed.

Perch on the Pali Lookout

On Route 61, or the Pali Highway, headed out of Kaneohe or Kailua to Honolulu is a pull over spot to see this wonderful view. City buses go by as well but they don’t stop. It’s my understanding that there is a walkway or hike to see several views at once. It can be quite windy and this is the rainy side of the island so look into the weather beforehand.

See the Sunset from the Beach

The one pictured was from Fort Derussy Beach Park, but sunsets like these can be seen all over the island sometimes and needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. I know Waikiki beach is the famous one, however there are other beaches that are good to see the sunset on. Kaka’ako Waterfront Park for example, Ala Moana Beach Park, any beaches on the west side, on the north shore even. Find a beach, and get a great shot of the sunset.

Hike Diamond Head

A less than a mile hike can give you the view shown above. Diamond Head also has a deep history with not only how the Hawaiian islands were formed, but a military one as well. Today it’s a park that a quick hike to the top will give you a view of all of Honolulu, including Waikiki beach.

View Honolulu from Tantalus Lookout

On Mount Tantalus in Honolulu is a park which is home of a great viewing point. It gets kind of crowded at sunset since everyone wants to see the view with the awesome colors. Also, there isn’t much parking so a taxi might be best (buses don’t go up there, closest one gets over a mile away).

Watch a Hula Show

Want to be comfortably indoors? The Ala Moana Shopping Center has you covered everyday at 1pm. Want to be outside at sunset on the beach watching a show with the waves crashing behind you? Kuhio Beach Park has you covered 6:30pm Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (6:00pm November-January). Want to see it in a center? The Royal Hawaiian Center has you covered. All of these shows are free, by the way.

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