What Do You Actually Need to Pack For Around the World Travel?

Packing lists, it’s what every travel blogger has a post about. Can you even be one if you don’t have one of those?

This is one by Nomadic Matt. This is mostly a list of clothing and other essentials and necessities, not much else. Since he’s a guy, he had a woman do a guest post for what female travelers should pack too.

Here is one by The Broke Backpacker. His is filled with more camping supplies, which is great if you’re overnight backpacking in a tent.

Like the brilliant travel blogger she is, The Blonde Abroad has multiple packing lists for different destinations. Such as this one for Burning Man. Or this one for South America. This one for Europe. Or even this one for the Galapagos Islands. They’re all quite girly and full of travel make-up and hair supplies that’ll be best too.

Etramping has one where they packed for a month long trip. It’s mostly filled with electronics and other reminders to pack light when you’re wearing it all on your back!

I think you get the idea. There were a few packing lists I read that made me think of things I wouldn’t have thought of, like a headlamp or a microfiber towel that dries fast unlike a regular one. What do we actually need when we’re abroad for a long time? Rather than list everything out without knowing where you’re going here are some things to think about while traveling abroad.

Weather Patterns and Predictions

Reading a packing list that talks about bringing two long sleeve shirts and a light jacket while you’re going to Switzerland in winter isn’t going to help much. Neither is saying those things if you’re going to Hawai’i during the summer. You really don’t even need a light jacket here, cold nights happen once every 6 months or so and pass quickly enough. Think about where you’re going and look up weather patterns before you go for that season.

Country and Airline Requirements

Airlines along allow for so much baggage. That and bringing is plants and food from certain countries to other countries isn’t allowed, or maybe it’s allowed but not without a fine. Airlines all have different weight and measurement requirements for baggage too, in the US they’re cracking down on carry on size and weight as well. Make sure you follow their guidelines or else your things might not make it to your destination!

What You’re Willing to Carry on You

According to some lists they want you to have all warm weather clothes, but if you can cold easily I suggest doing your own thing with that. Even in tropical areas it can get 40-50 degrees in the mountains off the water at night. Remember where you’re going and what you like to wear vs. the things you’ll need and these packing lists get less complicated.

Buy It When You Get There

Unless you’re camping in the middle of nowhere where no people are around for weeks or months on end, you should be able to buy whatever you need when you get there. Start traveling the world and realize you need a headlamp? They’re probably some Home Depot nearby or other home improvement store or Walmart or something that has it. You might be surprised that it could be cheaper in the other country/destination.

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